We are looking for the following figure for part-time work on an occasional call: COLLABORATOR for delivery of works of Art at the buyers’ domicile.

Please fill in the following questionnaire (it is strongly recommended to answer the questionnaire spontaneously):

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Current city of residence
What is your level of knowledge and understanding of the Italian language?
How do you view this job offer?
Have you ever worked in the Art world?
Why do you find this announcement interesting?
Do you find reassuring the idea of sometimes being assisted by a second collaborator during the operations of delivering the work of Art to the customer?
What do you think of the world of pictorial art in general? (you can select multiple answers at once for this question)
Do you think you are a detail oriented person?
From a business point of view, how do you usually relate to people you've never met before?
How would you describe your attitude while working with people?
Do you feel suited to handle objects of great value?
Suppose, for a moment, that you have to walk about 400 meters within the urban space (city center) holding a canvas weighing a few grams, painted by Vincent van Gogh or Pablo Picasso, with an approximate value of 150 million dollars. What kind of feelings do you get thinking about this?
Do car journeys bore you?
Can you wear cloth gloves?
What size gloves are you wearing?
Are you skilled in reaching an unknown address within the city of Rome?
Would you describe yourself as a punctual person?
Do you consider yourself an honest person?
How do you feel about having to dress formally at work?
The highly casual nature of this part-time job (casual work) does not require any signature or any type of contractual obligation. What is your position on:
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